Phan Thiết ngày lễ giống như Saigon ngày thường

Phan Thiết ngày lễ giống như Saigon ngày thường, đông đúc, khói bụi và ồn ào.
Ăn với gđ rồi chạy vội về nhà. Pha trà. Khiêm nhường như 1 người già khó tính ( kiểu như hở chút là đòi xé di chúc ).
Pha Ôlong Lão trà 12 năm của người bạn HN đi Alishan tháng 6 vừa rồi. Nó than olong lão bên Đài mắc quắn tóc.
– Dĩ nhiên rồi. Họ xem nó như 1 trân phẩm.
Ở VN người ta bỏ 5 triệu mua tổ yến được chứ mấy ai bỏ 5 triệu mua 1 lạng Lão trà.?

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    1. It is indeed lime leaf chiffonade. This pic is from a tour we did six years ago for a story on a pho tour in Hanoi. We were told that the use of lime leaves evolved from a traditional Tet dish, which makes use of the plain boiled chickens placed in front of the altar. The lime leaves are generally sprinkled around the chicken at the altar, so after they chop the chicken up and arrange the pieces on a plate, they finely chop the lime leaves, sprinkle them on top, and serve with the classic salt, pepper and lime juice sauce on the side. Any leftovers – particularly if it was a big family with a lot of sacrificial chickens – would be made into pho, lime leaves and all. We were told that this is the way Hanoi pho ga is meant to be served and if the soup doesn’t have the lime leaves it’s because the cook is a cheapskate.

    1. We are not there now Hoàng, we are sharing photos from when we lived in Hanoi to inspire people to come with us to Vietnam on a tour we are running in late June-July.

  1. Fascinating. I was actually eating a bowl of pho when I saw your photo. There’s a Vietnamese family around the corner from work, eat it prob 4 times a week. Thanks for the kaffir lime story, great info.

  2. Adrian Broadhead yeah we have a few good pho places in Siem Reap, but I just never think to eat it here. If I’m going out for a bowl of something it will always be nom banh chok. I love the stuff. Although we have a new Lao places serving the Lao khao soi, which I’m keen to try as soon as possible. Love that stuff!

  3. Hoàng Minh Thân Thanks for the offer but I have already finalised the itinerary and now in the process of booking – it’s my side business and I prefer to deal directly with suppliers and not use any middlemen 🙂

  4. Adrian Broadhead BTW looks like we’ll be in Phnom Penh next week for about 4 days. Terence has got a photo gig for AFAR. We were meant to go to Bangkok for Gourmet Traveller, but they’re using stock anyway, so PP it is. You around for a drink mid-week?

  5. A lot going on at the moment but a catch up sounds great. I’ll message you the recipe we have for som lor pra hao or however you spell it, is sensational.

  6. Adrian Broadhead pra’har or prahar? The vegetable soup? There’s one with catfish too. Sounds good. We won’t detain you for long – it’s going to be a whirlwind trip with a packed schedule but a drink or two would be good. I’ll DM you when I have a schedule.

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